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To My Younger Brethren

By H. C. G. Moule

Table of Contents

   Preface - TO MY YOUNGER BRETHREN Chapters on Pastoral Life and Work by THE RIGHT REV. HANDLEY C.G. MOULE, D.D. Lord Bishop of Durham Fourth Edition 1902
   Chapter 1 - The Secret Walk with God (i) - Pastor, for the round of toil See the toiling soul is fed; Shut the chamber, light the oil, Break and eat the Spirit's bread; Life to ot
   Chapter 2 - The Secret Walk with God (ii) - He that would to others give Let him take from Jesus still; They who deepest in Him live Flow furthest at His will. I resume the rich sub
   Chapter 3 - Secret Study of the Holy Scriptures - Like those Emmaus travellers we go Forth from the city-gate of things below; Christ at our side, His Scripture for our light, Here burning hea
   Chapter 4 - The Daily Walk with Others (i) - When the watcher in the dark Turns his lenses to the skies, Suddenly the starry spark Grows a world upon his eyes: Be my life a lens, th
   Chapter 5 - The Daily Walk with Others (ii) - If Jesus Christ thou serve, take heed, Whate'er the hour may be; His brethren are obliged indeed By their nobility. In the present chapte
   Chapter 6 - The Daily Walk with Others (iii) - Thrice happy they who at Thy side, Thou Child of Nazareth, Have learnt to give their struggling pride Into Thy hands to death: If th
   Chapter 7 - Pastor in Parish (i) - Master, to the flock I speed, In Thy presence, in Thy name; Show me how to guide, to feed, How aright to cheer and blame; With me knock
   Chapter 8 - Pastor in Parish (ii) - Work on in hope; the plough, the sickle wield; Thy Master is the harvest's Master too; He gives the golden seed, He owns the field, And do
   Chapter 9 - The Clergyman and the Prayer Book - Dear pages of ancestral prayer, Illumined all with Scripture gold, In you we seem the faith to share Of saints and seers of old. Whene'
   Chapter 10 - Preaching (i) - Earthen vessels, frail and slight, Yet the golden Lamp we bear; Master, break us, that the light So may fire the murky air; Skill an
   Chapter 11 - Preaching (ii) - For Thy sake, beloved Lord, I will labour in Thy Word; On the knees, in patient prayer; At the desk, with studious care; In the pulpit, seek
   Chapter 12 - Preaching (iii) - Eternal Fulness, overflow to me Till I, Thy vessel, overflow for Thee; For sure the streams that make Thy garden grow Are never fed but by an

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