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Miracles of Our Lord

By George MacDonald

Table of Contents

   Introduction - THE MIRACLES OF OUR LORD BY George MacDonald 1870 I. INTRODUCTION. I have been requested to write some papers on our Lord's miracles. I ven
   1 - The Beginning of Miracles - Already Jesus had his disciples, although as yet he had done no mighty works. They followed him for himself and for his mighty words. With his mother
   2 - The Cure of Simon's Wife's Mother - In respect of the purpose I have in view, it is of little consequence in what order I take the miracles. I choose for my second chapter the story of t
   3 - Miracles of Healing Unsolicited - In my last chapter I took the healing of Simon's wife's mother as a type of all such miracles, viewed from the consciousness of the person healed. In
   4 - Miracles of Healing Solicited by the Sufferers - I come now to the second group of miracles, those granted to the prayers of the sufferers. But before I make any general remarks on the speciality of
   5 - Miracles Granted to the Prayer of Friends - If we allow that prayer may in any case be heard for the man himself, it almost follows that it must be heard for others. It cannot well be in accorda
   6 - The Casting Out of Devils - Before attempting to say the little I can concerning this group of miracles, I would protect myself against possible misapprehension. The question con
   7 - The Raising of the Dead - I linger on the threshold. How shall I enter the temple of this wonder? Through all ages men of all degrees and forms of religion have hoped at least
   8 - The Government of Nature - The miracles I include in this class are the following:-- 1. The turning of water into wine, already treated of, given by St John. 2. The draught of
   9 - Miracles of Destruction - If we regard the miracles of our Lord as an epitome of the works of his Father, there must be room for what we call destruction. In the grand process
   10 - The Resurrection - The works of the Lord he himself represents as given him of the Father: it matters little whether we speak of his resurrection as a miracle wrought by
   11 - The Transfiguration - I have judged it fitting to close this series of meditations with some thoughts on the Transfiguration, believing the story to be as it were a window

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