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Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved

By S.B. Shaw

Table of Contents

   Introduction - DYING TESTIMONIES OF SAVED AND UNSAVED By Solomon Benjamin Shaw Gathered From Authentic Sources By Rev. S. B. Shaw Author Of Touching Incidents Rem
   Testimonies 1 to 25 - 001 -- TRIUMPHANT DEATH OF IGNATIUS Ignatius, one of the ancient fathers of the church, was born in Syria, and brought up under the care of the Apo
   Testimonies 26 to 50 - 026 -- THE AWFUL END OF A BACKSLIDER The following is a short account of the life and death of William Pope, of Bolton, in Lancashire. He was at on
   Testimonies 51 to 75 - 051 -- LAST WORDS OF JOHN HUS, THE MARTYR The great Bohemian reformer and martyr, John Hus, was born in 1369. He was burned at the stake as a heret
   Testimonies 76 to 100 - 076 -- "MURDER! MURDER! MURDER!" When Mr. R____, from Baltimore, was seized with cholera, he sent for me to come and see him, and said to me when I
   Testimonies 101 to 125 - 101 -- "I SEE THE HEAVENS OPENED AND MILLIONS OF BRIGHT ANGELS READY TO RECEIVE US." Baudicon Oguier was a martyr burned at the stake with his fath
   Testimonies 126 to 150 - 126 -- THE ATHEIST, HOBBES -- I AM ABOUT TO TAKE A LEAP IN THE DARK." Thomas Hobbes was born at Malmesbury, in Wiltshire, England, April 5, 1588; d
   Testimonies 151 to 200 - 151 -- JEREMIAH EVERTS -- "O, WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! GLORY! JESUS REIGNETH!" This American author and editor was corresponding secretary of the Amer
   Testimonies 201 to 236 - 201 -- BISHOP HANBY -- "I AM IN THE MIDST OF GLORY!" Bishop Hanby was a devoted preacher of the United Brethren Church. -- Editor. Awhile before h

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