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George Fox, An Autobiography

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   : Dedication & Preface - GEORGE FOX An Autobiography Edited with an Introduction and Notes By Rufus M. Jones, M.A., Litt. D. Professor of Philosophy in Haverford College
   : Introduction - There are mysterious moments in the early life of the individual which we call "budding periods." They are incubation crises, when some new power or f
   : The Testimony of William Penn - ...CONCERNING THAT FAITHFUL SERVANT GEORGE FOX The blessed instrument of and in this day of God, and of whom I am now about to write, was George Fo
   : Chapter 1: Boyhood--A Seeker - 1624-1648. That all may know the dealings of the Lord with me, and the various exercises, trials, and troubles through which He led me, in order to p
   : Chapter 2: The First Years of Ministry - 1648-1649. After this [34] I went to Mansfield, where was a great meeting of professors and people. Here I was moved to pray; and the Lord's power wa
   : Chapter 3: The Challenge and the First Taste of Prison - 1648-1649. Now, as I went towards Nottingham, on a Firstday, in the morning, going with Friends to a meeting there, when I came on the top of a hill
   : Chapter 4: A Year in Derby Prison - 1650-1651. As I travelled through markets, fairs, and diverse places, I saw death and darkness in all people where the power of the Lord God had not
   : Chapter 5: One Man May Shake the Country for Ten Miles - 1651-1652. Being again at liberty, I went on, as before, in the work of the Lord, passing through the country into Leicestershire, having meetings as
   : Chapter 6: A New Era Begins - 1652. As we travelled we came near a very great hill, called Pendle Hill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of it; which I did with dif
   : Chapter 7: In Prison Again - 1653. About the beginning of the year 1653 I returned to Swarthmore, and going to a meeting at Gleaston, a professor challenged to dispute with me. I
   : Chapter 8: A Visit to Oliver Cromwell - 1653-1654. About this time the priests and professors fell to prophesying against us afresh. They had said long before that we should be destroyed wi
   : Chapter 9: A Visit to the Southern Counties Which Ends in Launceston Jail - 1655-1656. It came upon me about this time from the Lord to write a short paper and send it forth as an exhortation and warning to the Pope, and to a
   : Chapter 10: Planting the Seed in Wales. - 1656-1657. Being released from our imprisonment, we got horses, rode towards Humphrey Lower's, and met him upon the road. He told us he was much trou
   : Chapter 11: In the Home of the Covenanters. - 1657. After I had tarried two First-days at Swarthmore, [134] and had visited Friends in their meetings thereabouts, I passed into Westmoreland, in t
   : Chapter 12: Great Events in London. - 1658-1659. We came into Bedfordshire, where we had large gatherings in the name of Jesus. [141] After some time we came to John Crook's, where a gene
   : Chapter 13: In the First Year of King Charles. - 1660. I entered Bristol on the Seventh day of the week. [153] The day before, the soldiers came with their muskets into the meeting, and were exceedi
   : Chapter 14: Labors, Dangers and Sufferings. - 1661-1662. Now did I see the end of the travail which I had in my sore exercise at Reading; [163] for the everlasting power of the Lord was over all,
   : Chapter 15: In Prison for not Swearing - 1662-1665. After I had made some stay in London, and had cleared myself of those services that at that time lay upon me there, I went into the countr
   : Chapter 16: A Year in Scarborough Castle - 1665-1666. After the assize, Colonel Kirby and other justices were very uneasy with my being at Lancaster; for I had galled them sore at my trials th
   : Chapter 17: At the Work of Organizing - 1667-1670. I then visited Friends till I came to York, where we had a large meeting. After this I went to visit Justice Robinson, an ancient justice
   : Chapter 18: Two Years in America - 1671-1673. When I received notice of my wife's being taken to prison again, [196] I sent two of her daughters to the King, and they procured his orde
   : Chapter 19: The Last Imprisonment. - 1673-1678. Between this and the fair, my wife came out of the North to Bristol to me, and her son-in-law, Thomas Lower, with two of her daughters, [2
   : Chapter 20: "The Seed Reigns over Death" - 1679-1691. [The year 1679 was spent almost entirely in retirement at Swarthmore, but in 1680 the activity and travels begin again. This last decade o

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