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The Mission of Sorrow

By Gardiner Spring

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 -- Sorrow God's Witness - It must be a hard heart that is not touched with the sorrows of the bereaved. Our sympathy may give courage to the mourner, and relieve his solitude,
   Chapter 2 -- Sorrow Deserved - One design of afflictions is to teach us that we deserve all that we suffer. No man who has a conscience will question that he is thus ill-deserving.
   Chapter 3 -- Submission Under Sorrow - "At the funeral of President Davies, just as the people were about to take up the coffin, his mother, an aged widow, came to take the last look of her
   Chapter 4 -- Sorrow Disturbs Idolatrous Attachments - In one form or another, all sin is idolatry. It is a violation of the command, "You shall have no other gods BEFORE ME." It sets the creature above th
   Chapter 5 -- Sorrow The Friend of Christian Graces - The children of God have much to struggle with. Their vocation, high and holy as it is, has a militaristic aspect. It is a protracted conflict, in whi
   Chapter 6 -- Sorrow Taking Lessons from the Bible - Sorrow finds no relief from the mere teachings of human reason. The lessons of pagan philosophy, even from some of the most accomplished minds the wor
   Chapter 7 -- Sorrow At the Throne of Grace - "Is any among you afflicted? let him pray." We cannot misunderstand nor misinterpret this apostolic injunction, nor doubt as to those to whom it is d
   Chapter 8 -- Fitness for Heaven Through Sorrow - God's people are dear to him. They are his because they are his creatures. He made them, and he made them "for himself." "The Lord, he is God; he has
   Chapter 9 -- No Sorrow There - In heaven at last. The days of mourning are ended. God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. To the wicked he says, "Woe unto you who laugh now;

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