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But Ye are Come unto Mount Zion

By T. Austin-Sparks

Table of Contents

   Sermon 1 - The Crisis of Our Times - A SERIES OF ADDRESSES GIVEN IN 1969 BY T. AUSTIN-SPARKS We remember, O Lord, that it is written: "He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it s
   Sermon 2 - A New Israel - Lord, not as a part of our program but from our very hearts we say, "Break Thou the bread of life to me." Thou art the Bread of Life. Give us of Thyse
   Sermon 3 - "Ye Are Come unto Mount Zion" - While we wait upon Thee [on Thee, Lord, we wait] and while we do need Thee to bless us and ask Thee to bless us while we wait on Thee, we would rise e
   Sermon 4 - "The Controversy of Zion" - Dear Lord, in no formal way, no mere custom, but in a very deep and strong consciousness of need, we pray. We must pray. We are this morning allowing
   Sermon 5 - Zion: the Embodiment of the Spiritual Values of Jesus Christ - Lord, we are subjects of Thy pity, of Thy compassion; and this morning we do not even know what to ask of Thee, for we perhaps do not really know our
   Sermon 6 - A Final Shaking - Lord Jesus Christ, we seek Thy Face. It is written, "The Light of the Glory of God is in the Face of Jesus Christ." Oh, Thou, Who didst forfeit, for t

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