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Addresses on the Seven Churches

By G.V. Wigram

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Revelation 1. Rev. 1: 1. The "revelation" (unveiling, uncovering, manifestation, as in Romans 8, "manifestation of the sons of God") "of Jesus Ch
   1: Ephesus - REVELATION 2: 1-7. *This lecture, as well as one or two others, is very imperfectly reported. But though fragmentary, they have their special va
   2: Smyrna - REVELATION 2: 8-11. THE peculiarity of the Church of Smyrna is that it preserved its character before God. There is something very blessed in the
   3: Pergamos - REVELATION 2: 12-17. As before observed, we find a remarkable harmony between the character in which Christ comes to address these churches, and
   4: Thyatira - REVELATION 2: 18-29. THE three first addresses end with promise. The four last with exhortations. This is doubtless significant. The three first
   5: Sardis - REVELATION 3: 1-6. THE titles under which the Lord presents Himself to this Church, in the first verse, are these: "He that hath the seven Spirit
   6: Philadelphia Lecture 1 - REVELATION 3: 7-12. THE titles under which the Lord presents Himself to this Church are these: "He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath th
   7: Philadelphia Lecture 2 - REVELATION 3: 7-12. Rev. 3: 8: "I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut, it." There is often great enlargement gained in the sen
   8: Philadelphia Lecture 3 - REVELATION 3: 7-12. IN the very name of this church the Lord's love to His people is recalled, and there is something peculiarly sweet in this, i
   9: Laodicea - REVELATION 3: 14, etc. THERE is one thing very helpful to remember in connection with all truth; viz., that as it comes from God, man, as a creat

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