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Choice Quotes

By G.V. Wigram

Table of Contents

   Part 1 - Christ's yesterday was the accomplishment of redemption, -- His tomorrow is the having His Church with Himself in glory. But He is a living Christ for
   Part 2 - Faith should be energetic, active: I am not to be merely musing about the glory; but the certainty of Christ's having apprehended me for it, is to set
   Part 3 - Who understood the wilderness as He did? Who was ever such a thorough pilgrim, drinking of the brook in the way? "The Man of sorrows" knows well how t
   Part 4 - Oh, how the Spirit is straitened by us as He goes through the wilderness with us and finds so little answer in our hearts, and cannot get the waters t
   Part 5 - We can turn to Christ and say, "There is One whom we can trace from the manger to the cross, and never find, save on two occasions, the expression of
   Part 6 - What will it be to be in heaven, clothed in white, not a spot, the whole of me fit for Christ's own presence; all so pure, so transparent, as to be fi
   Part 7 - What would one do if instead of looking at Christ, one looked at all the billows and vanities down here, around or within? Here all conflict, up there
   Part 8 - "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life." The contrast here between the death of the body, and the life, is very beautiful:
   Part 9 - In the Lord's people it is to be the positive, not merely the negative; not gathering up things, but throwing them off; getting the heart fitted to fe
   Part 10 - If a spring has not been opened in a soul, a spring of living water from God's own Son, no waters can flow and there is no life in you. If you were
   Part 11 - How often one has had a powerful consciousness in the soul that prayer has been heard, when no word, or half a word, has been uttered: one has suddenl
   Part 12 - God will not be in the second place, He takes the first place, proclaiming life to the poor sinner through that Son raised from the dead. I am in a sc
   Part 13 - The life we make so much of has death in it; death is necessarily connected with the body, but I get rid of it -- Christ left a savour in the grave qu
   Part 14 - Could I take my place at a race-course, and say, "the Nazarene at God's right hand is coming, and in every thing those who are His are to be like Him
   Part 15 - With us it may be sometimes such a little thing that Satan gets hold of, but in Christ he found nothing and he was utterly worsted; and what can he do

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