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Secret of Spiritual Power

By G.D. Watson

Table of Contents

   1: The Secret of Spiritual Power (A) - A great deal has been said and written upon the subject of spiritual power, and perhaps I can add nothing original upon the subject, but may help to s
   2: The Secret of Spiritual Power (B) - Another condition essential to the full enduement of spiritual power is the crucifixion of self in order that we may be united with the Holy Ghost. Go
   3: The Secret of Spiritual Power (C) - Another secret of spiritual power lies in the perpetual ignoring of our creature ability. I do not say a perpetual denying of our ability. Telling an
   4: The Secret of Spiritual Power (D) - Another secret of divine power consists in using only the appropriate truth which is requisite for the salvation of souls. The Holy Ghost works throug
   5: The Secret of Spiritual Power (E) - In order to have the abiding secret of power, we must consent to seeming failure for Jesus. I do not know how that thought may strike you, but if you
   6: The Secret of Spiritual Power (F) - The concluding thought in connection with the secret of power is, we must constantly recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is a marvelous s
   7: Liquid and Solid Food - In the fifth chapter of Hebrews we have a significant hint as to what constitutes spiritual perfection; it is the difference between feeding on liquid
   8: Hindrances to Faith - "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Matt. 14:31. The pivot word in this question is "wherefore." Doubt should have a sufficient r
   9: Faint Not - There is an experience of soul exactly like the fainting of the body. When a person faints there is an utter loss of strength accompanied with a real
   10: Affliction and Glory (A) - "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the thing
   11: Affliction and Glory (B) - The next contrast is between the words "light" and "weight." When the apostle characterized the afflictions of the Christian as light, it was not beca
   12: The Zone of Entire Consecration - Entire consecration is misunderstood by many who place it at one of two extremes. Some put it down with repentance and make it an element in repentanc
   13: The Entirety in Consecration - All believers are, in a measure, consecrated to God, just as all believers are, in a measure, sanctified. The spirit of consecration is a part of the
   14: Excavation Before Edification - The great prerequisite of perfect love is the thorough emptying of the heart of every principle and disposition contrary to love. No one can love God
   15: The Nature of Perfect Love - The misapprehension of the nature of perfect love is the basis of all the misunderstandings and false notions respecting it. There never has been a bo
   16: The Effects of Perfect Love - Perhaps the most effectual way of inducing Christians to seek perfect love, is to show the great benefits resulting from the experience. This is what
   17: Superficial Religious Life - There is a wonderful propensity in fallen human nature to be superficial. This disposition is manifest in every form of life-work and character. It is
   18: Envy - One of the most dangerous forms of inward depravity is envy. It is a form of sin which the world looks upon with great leniency, which fashionable peo
   19: The Leakage of Love - Love is the very substance and marrow of moral perfection. Faith is the condition of forgiveness and cleansing; and the removing of actual and indwell
   20: The Inner Man - Throughout the Word of God there are frequent allusions to the five senses of the soul. It no more attempts to prove the existence of these senses tha
   21: Spiritual Discrimination - It is a fundamental law in the constitution of the soul, that spiritual understanding and discrimination is directly connected with the condition of t
   22: Instantaneous Purification - "Jesus put forth His hand and touched him, saying, I will, be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed." Matt. 8:3. The miracles of Jes
   23: Hindrances to Holiness - Holiness is the most essential thing in the universe to a moral creature. Holiness is not an action, but a state of being which lies behind the action
   24: The Threefold Evidence in Grace - The Apostle Peter, in calling our attention to the certainties of experimental salvation, mentions three forms or three degrees of certainty. "For we
   25: The Three Manifestations of Jesus - In the third chapter of the first Epistle of John we have presented to us three manifestations of Jesus, each one of which is directly connected with
   26: Walking in Love - Love is the central, animating force in true religion. It is to the moral system what the sun is to the solar system, the warming, illuminating, movin
   27: Heavenly Treasure - "But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal; for wher
   28: Making Friends with Mammon - Sin perverts every legitimate faculty of the soul. It also poisons and perverts every species of earthly treasure and activity. Just as divine grace c
   29: The Faith of the Syro-Phenician Woman (A) - The most wonderful truths and thoughts are those which are wrought out in living experience. No definition of any trait of character can at all compar
   30: The Faith of the Syro-Phenician Woman (B) - After her faith had withstood the test of the divine silence: 2. The next barrier her faith met was the coldness of the human heart. His disciple

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