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The Problems of Religious Life

By G. Campbell Morgan

Table of Contents

   1: Has Man Anything to do With God? - To the ears of the Christian believer the question seems superfluous, and I think I may almost say it sounds grotesque. That fact notwithstanding, to
   2: Can a Just God Forgive Sins? - It will be admitted at once that the possibility of the forgiveness of sins has been believed in and proclaimed by the Christian Church for nineteen c
   3: What Does God Require of Man? - This inquiry is the outcome of those which have preceded it. If it be granted that man has to do with God, the inquiry is natural and necessary: What
   4: The Opposing Forces (The World) - The world, the flesh and the devil constitute the trinity of forces which oppose the religious life. These are distinct from each other, yet they act
   5: The Opposing Forces (The Flesh) - Because of the near personal relation of the flesh to every human being, this subject is at once supremely interesting and vitally important. The fles
   6: The Opposing Forces (The Devil) - In this study, as in the previous ones, our appeal is made wholly to the Scriptures of truth. It is impossible to make such appeal and at the same tim
   7: Is the Religious Life Possible? - This is the question of one who desires to live the religious life, but who is afraid. I do not think that a man who sees nothing attractive in the re
   8: Is the Religious Life Necessary? - I confess to a great sense of difficulty in approaching this subject, resulting from the obviousness of the reply from my standpoint. To me the questi
   9: Is Religious Life Worthwhile? - In this question the emphasis is changed once more. In the first question, whether the religious life is possible, the beauty of the ideal is not for
   10: The All-Sufficient Solution - Christ Jesus--Mighty To Save and To Keep In looking back over the subjects we have considered together I am quite conscious that I have laid myse

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