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A Handful of Stars

By Frank W. Boreham

Table of Contents

   1: William Penn's Text - I The Algonquin chiefs are gathered in solemn conclave. They make a wild and striking and picturesque group. They are assembled under the wide-sp
   2: Robinson Crusoe's Text - I During the years that Robinson Crusoe spent upon the island, his most distinguished visitor was a text. Three times it came knocking at the doo
   3: James Chalmers' Text - I He was 'a broth of a boy,' his biographer tells us. He lived chiefly on boots and boxes. Eager to know what lay beyond the ranges, he wore out
   4: Sydney Carton's Text - I Memory is the soul's best minister. Sydney Carton found it so. On the greatest night of his life--the night on which he resolved to lay down hi
   5: Ebenezer Erskine's Text - I It is a lovely Sunday afternoon in the early summer of the year 1690. The graceful and heathery path that winds its way along the banks of the
   6: Doctor Davidson's Text - I There are only two things worth mentioning in connection with Dr. Davidson, but they are both of them very beautiful. The one was his life: the
   7: Henry Martyn's Text - I With Henry Martyn the making of history became a habit, a habit so inveterate that not even death itself could break him of it. He only lived t
   8: Michael Trevanion's Text - I Michael Trevanion misunderstood Paul: that was the trouble. Michael, so Mark Rutherford tells us, was a Puritan of the Puritans, silent, stern,
   9: Hudson Taylor's Text - I The day on which James Hudson Taylor--then a boy in his teens--found himself confronted by that tremendous text was, as he himself testified in
   10: Rodney Steele's Text - I 'As soon,' Dr. Chalmers used to say, 'as soon as a man comes to understand that GOD IS LOVE, he is infallibly converted.' Mrs. Florence L. Barc
   11: Thomas Huxley's Text - I She was a sermon-taster and was extremely sensitive to any kind of heresy. It is in his Life of Donald John Martin, a Presbyterian minister, th
   12: Walter Petherick's Text - I He was born at Islington on the day on which Sir Walter Raleigh was executed; and his father named him after the gallant knight whom he himself
   13: Doctor Blund's Text - I The doctor was the worst man in Bartown, and that was saying a good deal. For Bartown had the reputation of being 'the wickedest little hole in
   14: Hedley Vicars' Text - I 'Those words are the sheet-anchor of my soul!' said Hedley Vicars, a gallant young Army officer, as he sat talking to his sweetheart in the han
   15: Silas Wright's Text - I Silas Wright was deprived by sheer modesty of the honor of being President of the United States. His is one of the truly Homeric figures in Ame
   16: Michael Faraday's Text - I The lecturer had vanished! A crowded gathering of distinguished scientists had been listening, spellbound, to the masterly expositions of Micha
   17: Janet Dempster's Text - I Sitting here in my pleasaunce on the lawn, surrounded by a riot of hollyhocks, foxgloves, roses, geraniums, and other English flowers that she
   18: Catherine Booth's Text - I Who that was in London on October 14, 1890, can forget the extraordinary scenes that marked the funeral of Catherine Booth? It was a day of uni
   19: Uncle Tom's Text - I Poor old Uncle Tom has been stripped of everything. All that he counted precious has vanished. He has been torn away from the old Kentucky home
   20: Andrew Bonar's Text - I It is an old-fashioned Scottish kirk--and the Communion Sabbath. Everybody knows of the hush that brooded over a Scottish community a century a
   21: Francis D'assisi's Text - I Oscar Wilde declares that, since Christ went to the cross, the world has produced only one genuine Christian, and his name is Francis d'Assisi.
   22: Everybody's Text - I Centuries seemed like seconds that day: they dwindled down to nothing. It was a beautiful September morning: I was only a little boy: and, as a

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