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The Existence of God

By Francois Fenelon

Table of Contents

   Introduction - THE EXISTENCE OF GOD By Francois Fenelon INTRODUCTION An ancestor of the French divine who under the name of Fenelon has made for hi
   Sections 1-6 - SECTION I. Metaphysical Proofs of the Existence of God are not within Everybody's reach. I cannot open my eyes without admiring the art that shin
   Sections 7-16 - SECTION VII. Third Comparison, drawn from a Statue. If a man should find in a desert island a fine statue of marble, he would undoubtedly immedia
   Sections 17-23 - SECTION XVII. Of the Sun. But besides the constant course by which the sun forms days and nights it makes us sensible of another, by which for th
   Sections 24-30 - SECTION XXIV. Of Food. What is more noble than a machine which continually repairs and renews itself? The animal, stinted to his own strength, is
   Sections 31-40 - SECTION XXXI. Of the Structure of Man's Body. The body is made of clay; but let us admire the Hand that framed and polished it. The Artificer's S
   Sections 41-50 - SECTION XLI. Of the Smell, Taste, and Hearing. Who were able to explain the niceness of the organs by which man discerns the numberless savours a
   Sections 51-60 - SECTION LI. The Mind knows the Finite only by the Idea of the Infinite. It is even in the infinite that my mind knows the finite. When we say a m
   Sections 62-69 - SECTION LXII. The Idea of the Unity proves that there are Immaterial Substances; and that there is a Being Perfectly One, who is God. As for unit
   Sections 70-81 - SECTION LXX. The Seal and Stamp of the Deity in His Works. We have seen the prints of the Deity, or to speak more properly, the seal and stamp of
   Sections 82-92 - SECTION LXXXII. No Law of Motion has its Foundation in the Essence of the Body; and most of those Laws are Arbitrary. Among the laws of motion we

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