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The Great Sacred Secret

By E.W. Bullinger

Table of Contents

   1: Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:21 - First Paper, Things to Come, Sept. 1895 There is no subject of greater importance to the Body of the Christ than that which, in the New Testament
   2: The Secret of the Interval - Second Paper, Things to Come, Oct. 1895 There are several sacred secrets, which are there spoken of; and there is one that is called the "great s
   3: The Great Sacred Secret - Third Paper, Things to Come, Nov. 1895 There are three important Scriptures in which the "great" sacred secret is specially and formally revealed
   4: The Body of the Christ - Fourth Paper, Things to Come, Dec. 1895 This brings us to consider the "great" sacred secret - "The Body of the Christ," "Christ and the Assembly
   5: Other Passages Relating To The Great Sacred Secret - Fifth Paper, Things to Come, Jan. 1896 We have now considered the four important passages which contain the revelation of the great sacred secret
   6: Practical Conclusions - Sixth Paper, Things to Come, Feb. 1896 When once we have grasped the great sacred secret of the Christ, we have a key to open several other diffi
   7: The Body And The Bride - Seventh Paper, Things to Come, March 1896 There is another error, which the doctrine of the Sacred Secret corrects, though there is certainly som

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