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A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism

By David J. Engelsma

Table of Contents

   1: An Introduction - In a series of editorials in the Standard Bearer from April 1, 1995 through December 15, 1996, Prof. David J. Engelsma presents a defense of Amillenn
   2: Revelation 20 - The name by which the distinctively Reformed doctrine of the last things is known is "amillennialism." This name derives from the 20th chapter of Reve
   3: Apostasy and Persecution - It is the Reformed doctrine of the last things that the last days are a time of departure from the faith by many and a time of persecution of the true
   4: Matthew 24, Part 1 - The risk that an editor takes when he launches a series of editorials is that the series will be interrupted. Reasons for the interruption are varied
   5: Matthew 24, Part 2 - The apparent difficulty with Jesus' words in Matthew 24:34 is that they seem to predict the end of the world in the lifetime of His disciples. He has
   6: Matthew 24, Part 3 - Matthew 24, 25 is Jesus' answer to the question of His disciples in 24:3. The question was, "When shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of
   7: Matthew 24, Part 4 - Standing decisively against J. Marcellus Kik's interpretation of Matthew 24:3-35, particularly verse 34, in his book, An Eschatology of Victory (Presb
   8: Those Glorious Prospects in Old Testament Prophecy - It is those glorious prospects in Old Testament prophecy that are the real basis in Scripture for the postmillennial dream. The postmillennialists mak
   9: A Spiritual Interpretation of Isaiah 65:17ff. - Postmillennialism - the teaching about the last things that posits the earthly victory of the church and a coming "golden age in history - rests its c
   10: A Spiritual Fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17ff, Part 1 - The literal interpretation of Old Testament prophecy ends in a carnal Messianic kingdom. The literal interpretation of the prophecy of Isaiah 65:17
   11: A Spiritual Fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17ff, Part 2 - The postmillennial dream of a "Christianized" world in history rests finally on Old Testament prophecy of a coming, glorious kingdom of Christ (see th
   12: The Victory of Christ in History, Part 1 - Jesus Christ is victor. He is victor already now. He is victor in this world. We do not see this yet. But we believe it as the clear testimony o
   13: The Victory of Christ in History, Part 2 - The gross error of postmillennialism is that it misconceives the victory of Christ in history as carnal rather than spiritual. Gary North is wrong whe

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