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Who Moved the Stone?

By Frank Morison

Table of Contents

   Preface - This study is in some ways so unusual and provocative that the writer thinks it desirable to state here very briefly how the book came to take its pre
   1. The Book that Refused to be Written - I suppose that most writers will confess to having hidden away somewhere in the secret recesses of their most private drawer the first rough draft of
   2. The Real Case Against the Prisoner - In attempting to unravel the tangled skein of passions, prejudices, and political intrigues with which the last days of Jesus are interwoven, it has a
   3. What Happened Before Midnight on Thursday - I suggested on an earlier page that considerations of time played a peculiar and decisive part in determining the events that immediately preceded the
   4. A Psychological Parallelogram of Forces - If anyone thinks that in approaching the trial of Jesus of Nazareth by Pontius Pilate he is approaching the simple and the obvious he is making a big
   5. The Situation on Friday Afternoon - If we are to gain a teal insight into the events immediately following the death of Christ we shall have to begin by studying carefully the situation
   6. Thirty-Six Hours Later - By all the ordinary standards of human reasoning, the mystery attaching to the person of Christ ought to have terminated with His death and burial. Th
   7. On the Behavior of Two Sisters and the Men Who Fled in the Night - Before we can consider what these facts mean, and especially what validity attaches to the various explanations that have been brought forward to acco
   8. Between Sunset and Dawn - It is strange that there is no escaping the clock in all this baffling story of the closing phase of the life of Jesus. We saw in an earlier chapte
   9. The Historic Crux of the Problem - Whoever comes to this problem has sooner or later to confront a fact that cannot be explained away or removed by any logical processes whatever. It lo
   10. The Evidence of the Principal Fisherman - There are three men in particular whose testimony concerning this matter, if it could be obtained, would be absolutely final and conclusive. The first
   11. The Evidence of the Prisoner's Brother - With one single exception, which I shall deal with later, there is nothing in the whole of this strange story that impresses me so profoundly as the p
   12. The Evidence of the Man from Tarsus - It is almost impossible to imagine anything more fortunate from a purely historical point of view than the fact that, just at the moment when Christia
   13. The Witness of the Great Stone - I suppose that no one can read through the earliest account of the Resurrection as it is given in the Gospel of Mark without being arrested by the ext
   14. Some Realities of that Far-Off Morning - What is the secret of this silent and impenetrable tomb? It is a question that presses insistently for an answer, and I propose to discuss it in the p
   15. The Servant of the Priest - Who was the young man who, if this interpretation be the true one, anticipated the women and shared with them the earliest experiences of that memorab

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