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The Heart-Cry of Jesus

By Byron J. Rees

Table of Contents

   Introduction - DEDICATION. TO MY MASTER, EVEN CHRIST. INTRODUCTION. THE NEED OF THE DAY. The saying, "Necessity is the mother of Invention," finds no
   Preface - WHAT IS SANCTIFICATION? No one who accustoms himself to the observation of spiritual tides, winds and currents can be ignorant of the fact that t
   Chapter 1. A Word in the Prayer - CHRIST'S WORDS. All who really love Christ love His words. They may not always fully understand their meaning, but they never reject any of them.
   Chapter 2. Some Errors - THE BEAR-SKIN. Satan is very busily engaged in destroying and misrepresenting God's best experiences. He slanders the work of God in order that H
   Chapter 3. Those for Whom Christ Prayed - CONVERTED MEN. The men for whom Christ prayed were converted men, and were living in justified relation to God. In proof of this statement, let t
   Chapter 4. Christ's Prayer Answered - GOD LISTENS. When Christ opens His mouth, God bows down His ear. "I know that thou hearest me always." The disciples did not wait long until they
   Chapter 5. Christian Unity - A COMMON PLATFORM. One of the results spoken of by Christ in His prayer, and brought about by sanctification, is Christian unity--"that they all
   Chapter 6. Fearlessness - PETER THE FEARLESS. There was a man among the one hundred and twenty "upper room believers" in whom Pentecost effected a most apparent and almost
   Chapter 7. Responsiveness to Christ - A COAL AND A FLAME. Among the results of the coming of the Comforter is an increase in warm personal love for Jesus. Conversion plants divine lov
   Chapter 8. Soul-Rest - AN EFFECT. One of the beatific effects of the cleansing of the heart from all sin is soul-rest. It always accompanies the glorious experience of
   Chapter 9. Prayerfulness - DELIGHT IN PRAYER. The precious grace of entire sanctification brings to the heart a prayerful spirit. Prayer becomes the normal occupation of th
   Chapter 10. Success - SUCCESS INTENDED. Nothing is clearer in the Acts of the Apostles than that the disciples after Pentecost had success in gospel service. Everywher
   Chapter 11. Visits Of Angels - DESCRIPTIVE PSALM. The ninety-first Psalm is a painstaking description of the blessings and benefits bestowed upon the man that "dwelleth in the
   Chapter 12. Growth in Christliness of Life - MAKING A BOTCH. One may have a clean, pure heart and yet be far from possessing a matured Christian character. A man may love God with all his he
   Experience - THE VALUE OF TESTIMONY. It has pleased God to place in our hands two weapons by which we are to overcome Satan--"the blood of the Lamb, and the w

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