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Anecdotes and Illustrations

By Reuben Archer Torrey

Table of Contents

   Publisher's Note - The value of an apt illustration can hardly be over-estimated. It is oftentimes the entering wedge or the clinching conclusion for the more serious ar
   Part 1 - A Deacon Who Went Fishing on Sunday One night when I arose to preach in the Chicago Avenue Church I saw sitting just to my left in the front seat
   Part 2 - How the Sun Burst Through the Clouds On the day of fasting and prayer in Dundee, the rain poured down in torrents during the morning hour of meet
   Part 3 - Rescued One night at a late meeting in the Florence Crittenton mission in New York a drunken Scotch girl ran to the front screaming, "Pray for
   Part 4 - Are You a Murderer? I WAS sitting one day with a very brilliant lawyer in the city of Minneapolis, who was beginning to go down through drink. He
   Part 5 - "Earth has no Sorrow That Jesus Cannot Heal" Some time ago, in America, there were a gentleman and his wife who had a very happy home. The man
   Part 6 - How D. L. Moody Became a World-Wide Evangelist Mr. Moody once told me this story long after the incident occurred. He went over to London in 18
   Part 7 - "God Use This Stammering Tongue" One day during his great mission in London, Mr. Moody was holding a meeting in a theatre packed with a most se

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