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Counterfeit Miracles

By Benjamin B. Warfield

Table of Contents

   1: The Ceasing of the Charismata (Charismatic Gifts) - WHEN our Lord came down to Earth He drew Heaven with Him. The signs which accompanied His ministry were but the trailing clouds of glory which He brou
   2: Patristic and Mediaeval Marvels - As over against the effort made more especially by Anglican writers to confine genuine ecclesiastical miracles to the first, and in their view the pur
   3: Roman Catholic Miracles - It would be natural to suppose that the superstitions which flourished luxuriantly in the Middle Ages would be unable to sustain themselves in the cle
   4: Irivingite Gifts - Pretensions by any class of men to the possession and use of miraculous powers as a permanent endowment are, within the limits of the Christian church
   5: Faith Healing - I have called your attention to the discrediting which befell the Irvingite gifts. This discrediting was wrought not only by the course of history w
   6: Mind-Cure - When we speak of "faith-healing" we use ambiguous language so far as we leave it undetermined whether we understand the healing in question to be effe

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