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The Plan of Salvation

By Benjamin B. Warfield

Table of Contents

   Part 1: Differing Conceptions - THE SUBJECT to which our attention is to be directed in this series of lectures is ordinarily spoken of as "The Plan of Salvation." Its more technical
   Part 2: Autosoterism - THERE ARE fundamentally only two doctrines of salvation (1): that salvation is from God, and that salvation is from ourselves. The former is the doctr
   Part 3: Sacerdotalism - IT IS THE consistent testimony of the universal Church that salvation is from God, and from God alone. The tendency constantly showing itself in all b
   Part 4: Universalism - THE EVANGELICAL note is formally sounded by the entirety of organized Protestantism. That is to say, all the great Protestant bodies, in their formal
   Part 5: Calvinism - AS OVER AGAINST all attempts to conceive the operations of God looking to salvation universalistically, that is as directed to mankind in the mass, Ca

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