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A Fourfold Salvation

By A.W. Pink

Table of Contents

   Preface - In 1929 we wrote a booklet entitled "A Threefold Salvation" based upon the instruction we had received during our spiritual infancy. Like most of that
   1. Salvation from the Pleasure of Sin - It is here that God begins His actual application of salvation unto His elect. God saves us from the pleasure or love of sin before He delivers us fro
   2. Salvation from the Penalty of Sin - This follows upon our regeneration which is evidenced by evangelical repentance and unfeigned faith. Every soul that truly puts his trust in the Lord
   3. Salvation from the Power of Sin - This is a present and protracted process, and is as yet incomplete. It is the most difficult part of our subject, and upon it the greatest confusion o
   4. Salvation from the Presence of Sin - We now turn to that aspect of our subject which has to do solely with the future. Sin is yet to be completely eradicated from the believer's being, so

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