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Love Enthroned

By Daniel Steele

Table of Contents

   PREFACE - Another book on the higher Christian life! Why should it be written? For the same reason that I should preach another Gospel sermon. Why should you re
   1 - LOVE REVEALED - WHAT a mystery is love! We cannot define it; we can only indicate it by describing the occasion on which it arises in the soul. If human love is inexp
   2 - LOVE MILITANT - So long as sin is in the world love must make war against it. Jesus came forth from the bosom of the Father's love to send a sword upon the earth. The
   3 - LOVE TRIUMPHANT OVER ORIGINAL SIN - The spirit of sin, or inbred sin, technically called original sin, because it is inherited from Adam, is the state of heart out of which acts of sin e
   4 - FULL SALVATION IMMEDIATELY ATTAINABLE - There is no denial that entire sanctification is necessary to admission to heaven. There is in many minds a doubt respecting the attainment of perfect
   5 - BIBLE TEXTS FOR SIN EXAMINED - Much of the controversy about sin results from the want of accuracy in the definition of this term. We do not in this chapter include in sin the invol
   6 - DELIVERANCE DEFERRED - Having shown that Christ proposes to free the believer in this world not only from acts of sin, but from the sinful disposition inherent in fallen hum
   7 - METAPHORICAL REPRESENTATIONS OF PERFECT LOVE - 1. The Dove Descending and Abiding. Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, in her admirable essay on "Primitive Christian Experience," uses the following lang
   8 - ST. PAUL'S GREAT PRAYER OF THE HIGHER LIFE - In the third chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians (verses 14-21, which see) Paul's closet door gets ajar, and all the Christian ages are thrilled w
   9 - THE THREE DISPENSATIONS - In John Fletcher's portrait of St. Paul as a model evangelical preacher, he very emphatically insists upon a thorough knowledge of the three great era
   10 - PERFECT LOVE AS A DEFINITE BLESSING - It took four thousand years to unroll the scroll of the sacred Scriptures -"to import God into knowledge," in the phrase of Dr. Bushnell. The patriarc
   11 - THE FRUITS OF PERFECT LOVE - I. The Joy of the Abiding Comforter. The Gospel is glad tidings of great joy. It was an outgush of song in a sad world - a burst of sunshine after
   12 - SALVATION FROM ARTIFICIAL APPETITES - Jesus once said, "If the Son, therefore make you free, ye shall be free indeed." This emphatic "indeed" has in it a deep significance, fathomed only b
   13 - THE FULL ASSURANCE OF FAITH - I. Salvation from Doubt. "I know not what it is to doubt; My heart is ever gay."- Faber. The most surprising fact which came to the knowledge o
   14 - THE EVIDENCES OF PERFECT LOVE - In addition to the direct witness of the Spirit to the completeness of his work, (1 Cor. 2:12) we have the following corroborative evidences which may
   15 - TESTIMONY - "I testify the Gospel of the grace of God." --St. Paul. A philosopher has said, "The experience of one rational being is of interest to all who bec
   16 - SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS - The relation of the baptism or fullness of the Spirit to the efficiency of the believer, is a subject of intense interest to all Christians. Though mu
   17 - STUMBLING-BLOCKS IN THE KING'S HIGHWAY - The largest of these lies before the very gate of this highway: - 1. Full salvation, as an experience, is begirt with speculative difficulties. Metaph
   18 - GROWTH IN GRACE - We are exhorted to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some tell us that we find the true philosophy of Christian growth by reversing
   19 - OBJECTIONS ANSWERED - My dear fellow-Believer in Christ: You have honest objections to the experience of entire sanctification as a distinct blessing. Let me help you to re
   20 - AN ADDRESS TO THE YOUNG CONVERT - THE HIGHER PATH - My Brother or Sister in Christ Jesus: permit an older soldier to offer a few words of advice to a new recruit in the army of the Lord. An ancient writ
   21 - ADDRESS TO SEEKERS OF FULL SALVATION - We would now address those who are sincerely and earnestly seeking perfect love, but who fail to understand the exhortation to a full surrender to Chr
   22 - ADDRESS TO PROFESSORS - Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. -ST. PAUL. It has been said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." T
   23 - LOVE AS A PRINCIPLE AND LOVE AS A PASSION - The author of this book after passing his eightieth birthday was so violently prostrated by pneumonia that he and all his neighbors thought the time o

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