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Profiting From the Word of God

By A.W. Pink

Table of Contents

   1. The Scriptures and Sin - There is grave reason to believe that much Bible reading and Bible study of the last few years has been of no spiritual profit to those who engaged in
   2. The Scriptures and God - The Holy Scriptures are wholly supernatural. They are a Divine revelation. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Tim. 3:16). It is not mer
   3. The Scriptures and Christ - The order we follow in this series is that of experience. It is not until man is made thoroughly displeased with himself that he begins to aspire afte
   4. The Scriptures and Prayer - A prayerless Christian is a contradiction in terms. Just as a still-born child is a dead one, so a professing believer who does not pray is devoid of
   5. The Scriptures and Good Works - The truth of God may well be likened to a narrow path skirted on either side by a dangerous and destructive precipice: in other words, it lies between
   6. The Scriptures and Obedience - All professing Christians are agreed, in theory at least, that it is the bounden duty of those who bear His name to honour and glorify Christ in this
   7. The Scriptures and the World - Not a little is written to the Christian in the New Testament about "the world" and his attitude towards it. Its real nature is plainly defined, and t
   8. The Scriptures and the Promises - The Divine promises make known the good pleasure of God's will to His people, to bestow upon them the riches of His grace. They are the outward testim
   9. The Scriptures and Joy - The ungodly are ever seeking after joy, but they do not find it: they busy and weary themselves in the pursuit of it, yet all in vain. Their hearts be
   10. The Scriptures and Love - In earlier chapters we have sought to point out some of the ways by which we may ascertain whether or not our reading and searching of the Scriptures

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