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Prayer and Praying Men

By E.M. Bounds

Table of Contents

   1 - PRAYING SAINTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENTS - The Holy Spirit will give to the praying saint the brightness of an immortal hope, the music of a deathless song, in His baptism and communion with th
   2 - PRAYING SAINTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENTS (Continued) - Bishop Lambeth and Wainwright had a great M. E. Mission in Osaka, Japan. One day the order came from high up that no more meetings would be allowed in
   3 - ABRAHAM, THE MAN OF PRAYER - Oh for determined men and women, who will rise early and really burn out for God. Oh for a faith that will sweep into heaven with the early dawning of
   4 - MOSES, THE MIGHTY INTERCESSOR - Intercessory Prayer is a powerful means of grace to the praying man. Martyn observes that at times of inward dryness and depression, he had often foun
   5 - ELIJAH, THE PRAYING PROPHET - "I have known men," says Goodwin-it must have been himself-"who came to God for nothing else but just to come to Him, they so loved Him. They scorned
   6 - HEZEKIAH, THE PRAYING KING - One can form a habit of study until the will seems to be at rest and only the intellect is engaged, the will having retired altogether from exercise.
   7 - EZRA, THE PRAYING REFORMER - Before the Great War there were many signs of a new interest in PRAYER and new hope from its exercise. How these signs have multiplied is known to eve
   8 - NEHEMIAH, THE PRAYING BUILDER - We care not for your splendid abilities as a minister, or your natural endowment as an orator before men. We are sure that the truth of the matter is
   9 - SAMUEL, THE CHILD OF PRAYER - That was a grand action by Jerome, one of the Roman fathers. He laid aside all pressing engagements and went to fulfill the call God gave him, viz., t
   10 - DANIEL, THE PRAYING CAPTIVE - It is a wonderful historical fact that the men of prayer have always been the men of power in the world. I want to convince you about this. Some of yo
   11 - FAITH OF SINNERS IN PRAYER - A certain preacher whose sermons converted many souls received a revelation from God that it was not his sermons or works by all means but the prayers
   12 - PAUL, THE TEACHER OF PRAYER - Fletcher of Madeley, a great teacher of a century and a half ago, used to lecture to the young theological students. He was one of the fellow-workers
   13 - PAUL AND HIS PRAYING - In the life of Frank Crossley it is told how one day in 1888 he had said good-bye at the station to his friends, General and Mrs. Booth; but before th
   14 - PAUL AND HIS PRAYING (Continued) - William Law has this very pertinent word in his "Devout Life": "When you begin your petitions use such various expressions of the attributes of God as
   15 - PAUL AND HIS REQUESTS FOR PRAYER - I desire above all things to learn to pray. We want to sound the reveille for the Christian warriors. We desire to find truth of the lack of real pray
   16 - PAUL AND HIS REQUESTS FOR PRAYER (Continued) - We announce the law of prayer as follows: A Christian's prayer is a joint agreement of the will and his cabinet, the emotions, the conscience, the int

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