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Divine Covenants

By A.W. Pink

Table of Contents

   Introduction - The covenants occupy no subordinate place on the pages of divine revelation, as even a superficial perusal of Scripture will show. The word covenant i
   Part 1: The Everlasting Covenant - The Word of God opens with a brief account of creation, the making of man, and his fall. From later Scripture we have no difficulty in ascertaining th
   Part 2: The Adamic Covenant - I. It is of vital importance for a right understanding of much in God's Word to observe the relation which Adam sustained to his posterity. Adam wa
   Part 3: The Noahic Covenant - I. Noah is the connecting link between "the world that then was," which "being overflowed with water, perished," and the earth which now is "reserv
   Part 4: The Abrahamic Covenant - I. We shall now consider one of the most illustrious characters set before us in the pages of Holy Writ, one who is expressly designated "the frien
   Part 5: The Sinaitic Covenant - I. We have now arrived at a stage of our subject which we fear is not likely to be of much interest to many of our readers; yet we would ask them t
   Part 6: The Davidic Covenant - I. In this chapter we shall attempt little more than to point out the connecting links between the Sinaitic and the Davidic covenants. The various
   Part 7: The Messianic Covenant - I. We have designated this final covenant "the Messianic" rather than "the Christian" or "the New" covenant, partly for the sake of alliteration an
   Part 8: The Covenant Allegory - Those of our readers who are particularly interested in the divine covenants would be disappointed if we closed our lengthy comments thereon and ignor

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