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Outlines of Christian Doctrine

By H. C. G. Moule

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1. Introductory - I. Natural and Revealed Religion. II. The Holy Scriptures. We are about to attempt a statement of the main doctrines of the Christian Faith, tak
   Chapter 2. The Doctrine of God - I. Theism. II. The Holy Trinity. I. Theism. In these pages, of course, no attempt is made to elaborate the argument for God from man and nature.
   Chapter 3. The Doctrine of the Father - The Doctrine of the Father On this most sacred region of truth much is best said under the Doctrine of the Son, and that of the Spirit. The study o
   Chapter 4. The Doctrine of Christ - I. The Person of Christ. We approach the subject of the Person and Work of our most sacred Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is "the Son of God, th
   Chapter 5. The Doctrine of Christ (Continued) - II. The Work of Christ. (1) As regards Creation generally, Scripture reveals the Eternal Son, the Logos, the living Fiat of the Father's will, is c
   Chapter 6. The Work of Christ - The Resurrection, Ascension, Session, and Return. We do not state here the proof of the fact of our Lord's Resurrection. That all-important questio
   Chapter 7. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - I. The Personallty of the Holy Spirit. II. The Work of the Holy Spirit. III. History of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. (1) We have already
   Chapter 8. The Doctrine of Man - I. Man as Created. II. Man as Fallen. III. Man as Restored. I. Man as Created. Scripture gives no formulated Anthropology. But in its repr
   Chapter 9. The Doctrine of the Church - "That Church of Christ which we properly term His body mystical, can be but one; neither can that one be sensibly discerned by any man, inasmuch as th
   Chapter 10. The Doctrine of the Ministry - The New Testament contains numerous allusions to offices and officers in the visible Church, and to a special designation and ordination of men to Chu
   Chapter 11. The Doctrine of the Sacraments - "Sacraments ordained of Christ be not only badges or tokens of Christian men's profession, but rather they be certain sure witnesses and effectual sig

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