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Soul Help

By Beverly Carradine

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1. The Soul - Among the mysteries there is none profounder than the human soul. Everything about it savors of the unknown. The inexplorable and unexplainable meet u
   Chapter 2. The Way Of Salvation - One of the marvellous facts in the spiritual life is the possibility of communication with the invisible God. The eternal world can be heard from. A c
   Chapter 3. Christian Service - There are many kinds of employment, or services on earth. There are numbers of them which, while perfectly proper, legitimate and honorable, will do n
   Chapter 4. Christian Pay - The fact of service suggests the thought of remuneration. A certain equivalent is given in the world for labor and called pay. When a man undertakes t
   Chapter 5. The Uses Of Temptation - One of the features of a probationary state is the fact of temptation. It may come directly from an evil spirit, or from a pleasing object. It maybe
   Chapter 6. The Compensating Experience - With certain Christian people the expression, I have "a satisfying portion," seems to excite wonder and disapproval. To some it savors of boasting,
   Chapter 7. The Rod Of Moses - We read in the Bible that God was about to induct Moses into a great work for which he had been preparing him for years. The self-distrustful man had
   Chapter 8. The Limp Of Jacob - Jacob, in the face of a great trouble looming up in the near future, had met God on the side of the brook Peniel. The prayer of that night in its leng
   Chapter 9. The Ruin Of Absalom - It is sad enough to see any man make shipwreck of his soul, but when the ruined individual is young, handsome and gifted, the sorrow felt over the eve
   Chapter 10. The Rejection Of Saul - It is a very dreadful thought that a time can come and does come in this life when God casts off a man. But hell is also a fearful fact, and yet it is
   Chapter 11. Doctrines Of Devils - The devil has some remarkable ways of prosecuting his work of spiritual ruin and death. A favorite method, because a most successful one, is seen in h
   Chapter 12. A Portrait Of Sin - There are many descriptions of sin in the Bible. They are given in order to arouse the torpid mind, awaken the conscience, and save the soul from damn
   Chapter 13. Soul Saving - When Andrew found Christ, immediately he sought his brother, and, as the Scriptures say, "brought him to Jesus." From this simple statement we draw se
   Chapter 14. The Character Of Jesus - In this chapter we do not refer to the divine nature of Christ, for on that side of His wonderful personality He was very God, and hence infinitely
   Chapter 15. The Drawing Power Of Christ - The Saviour said while on earth, that if He should be lifted up, He would draw all men unto Him. The reference was to His crucifixion, and its effect
   Chapter 16. "These Sayings Of Mine" - Great discoveries of papyri have recently been made in the sands and ruins of Egypt. The scholars tell us that much information will be gathered from
   Chapter 17. The Candle Of The Lord - In the Bible is the statement that "the spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord." There is nothing said idly and unmeaningly in the Scripture, and s
   Chapter 18. The Power Of A Good Life - Much is being said and written these days in regard to spiritual power. The popular conception is that it is a distinct gift in itself to be sought af
   Chapter 19. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" - The words forming the heading of this chapter are instantly recognized by the reader as one of the ten commandments. It is a law written not only on t
   Chapter 20. "God Was With Him" - It would be hard, both in the Bible and in history, to find an individual who was as bitterly wronged and fearfully tried as Joseph. Envied and hated
   Chapter 21. The Friend Of God - The sentence above is scriptural, and was spoken of Abraham. Such was his character and life that James says "he was called the friend of God." One co
   Chapter 22. The Weapons Of Gideon - Some of the most valiant servants of God at first showed great timidity and self-distrust in entering upon their life work. With lives of marvellous v
   Chapter 23. The Place Of Safety - When we remember the immortality of the soul, its coming destiny of happiness or woe, and especially the fearful assaults made upon it now for its ove
   Chapter 24. Faithfulness - Faithfulness in any department of life is felt to be admirable, commendable and to be emulated. It is the path to promotion, and a sure way in most in
   Chapter 25. The Standing Blessing - Sin is properly represented as a fall. The sinful life is not a succession of falls, for the man has not gotten up anywhere to fall from. The whole na
   Chapter 26. A Soldier Of The Cross - The apostle had illustrated the Christian life by the Grecian race and wrestling match, and now describes it again under a military figure. It is a fo
   Chapter 27. Departed Blessings - In the Old Testament occurs a sentence which has ever impressed the writer with a peculiarly pathetic power. The words of the sentence were uttered by
   Chapter 28. "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" - The words of the title of this chapter were among the last the Saviour uttered to His disciples. Impressive and precious as all last words are, they w

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