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Faith in the Omnipotent

By Robert S. Candlish

      "Now it was not written for his sake alone ... but for us also..." (Rom. 4:23-24).

      Oh! Come, my brother, be confronted with thy God, face to face with him. Be alone with thy God; Jesus bringing thee near to him; the Spirit moving between thy God and thee. How canst thou then and there, here and now, best honor him and give him glory? How but by being fully persuaded, and in thy dealings with him proceeding on the full persuasion, that what he promises he is able also to perform? Remember that it is with none other than the Omnipotent that thou art invited to be at home; it is in none other than the Omnipotent that thou art called to confide. Take any promise of his within the range of this blessed book. Take it in its highest reach and widest sweep. Plead it for thyself and thine. Plead it for himself and his. Plead it, in the full persuasion that no difficulties such as sense might consider can stand in the way of its accomplishment; for what he has promised, what he promises, he is able to perform. Be strong in this faith, giving glory to God.

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