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Jesus Crucified in Weakness

By George H. Warnock

      "...but He liveth by the power of God."

      What a stench must have filled the atmosphere when the blood flowed freely from Jewish altars, and the flesh of bulls and goats was consumed on the Altar of Burnt Offering! But God said the offering on the Altar of Burnt Offering would be unto Him as "a sweet-smelling savour." What a stench it has been in the nostrils of men as they behold the Son of God dying the death of a criminal on Calvary's brow! But God looked down that day and smelled a "sweet savour" from this the only burnt offering that ever really delighted His heart.

      And the only reason He smelled a "sweet savour" in former offerings was because God was anticipating the Day when His own Son would become the one and only Sacrifice that would put an end to sacrifice and make an end of sin. For this was the true Lamb of God that would take away the sins of the world. The hyssop is a lowly shrub; and God must stoop low to smell the incense of Calvary. And great men ever since Calvary have found grace in His sight to humble themselves and stoop low that they too might partake of that same incense.

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