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Rev. Dr. Bannerman, Perth

By Andrew Bonar

      GLASGOW, 6th Dec. 1892.

      MY DEAR DR. BANNERMAN,--I return the old letter.(An old letter, which Dr. Bannernman has sent him to read, describing the Deputation appointed to visit the Holy Land in 1839.) It has, you may believe, a peculiar interest to me, and the writer's estimate of the 'wisdom' of the Deputies to the Holy Land is not far from the truth. There was very little of the 'wisdom of the serpent' among us-- very little indeed; but I believe we were on that very account made more prayerful, and it was prayer that filled our sails and brought us into the haven.

      Thanks for your programme of evening services. I know Mason's Songs of Praise and Penitential Cries. All his pieces have in them the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon. Kindest regards to Mrs. Bannerman and to Miss Omond, who may 'rejoice with them that do rejoice' --her father's joy ! (alluding to the death of the Rev, Dr. Omond, Monzie)--Yours truly, dear brother,


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