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Doing the Small Things as They Come in Life

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men.
      EPHESIANS 6:7

      YET take the tiny stones which I have wrought,
      Just one by one, as they were given by Thee,
      Not knowing what came next in Thy wise thought.
      Set each stone by Thy Master-hand of grace;
      Form the mosaic as Thou wilt for me,
      And in Thy temple pavement give it place.

      WHAT God may hereafter require of you, you must not give yourself the least trouble about. Everything He gives you to do, you must do as well as ever you can, and that is the best possible preparation for what He may want you to do next. If people would but do what they have to do, they would always find themselves ready for what came next.

      Nothing can excuse the neglect of the duties of the position of life which God has conferred upon us. All is delusive where these are not attended to, and made much of.

      If you would advance in true holiness, you must aim steadily at perfection in little things.

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