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Oh, To Be With Christ

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      They took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.
      ACTS 4:13

      O HEARTS of love! O souls that turn
      Like sunflowers to the pure and best!
      To you the truth is manifest;
      For they the mind of Christ discern
      Who lean like John upon His breast.

      WILT thou with St. John rest on the loving heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, thou must be transformed into the beauteous image of our Lord by a constant, earnest contemplation thereof, considering His holy meekness and humility, the deep, fiery love that He bore to His friends and His foes, and His mighty, obedient resignation which He manifested in all the paths wherein His Father called Him to tread. And now ye must gaze much more closely and deeply into the glorious image of our Lord Jesus Christ than I can show you with my outward teaching, and maintain a continual, earnest effort and aspiration after it. Then look attentively at thyself, how unlike thou art to this image, and behold thy own littleness. Here will thy Lord let thee rest on Him. In the glorious likeness of Christ thou wilt be made rich, and find all the solace and sweetness in the world.

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