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Live in Peace

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      We command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ that with quietness they work.

      2 THESSALONIANS 3:12

      THERE is an order in our daily life,
      Like that the holy angels constant keep;
      And though its outward show seems but a strife,
      There dwells within a peace like oceans deep.


      THE enemy of that grand central habit of interior patience is haste: haste of thought, haste of judgment, haste of manner, haste of speech. Even natural powers of every kind become true strength, when they work submissively and harmoniously under the direction of Divine light and the movement of Divine grace; and this disciplined subjection at every point under the dominion of Christ our Lord, ruling us by His grace, makes the soul the serene organ of the Holy Spirit, for the animating, controlling, and guiding of our souls.


      We are conformed to Him in proportion as our lives grow in quietness, His peace spreading within our souls. Even amid all that outwardly disturbs us we have, if we have Him, the same peace, because He is our peace, sustaining our whole being.

      T. T.CARTER

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