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The Christian Service

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord?      --1 CHRONICLES 29:5

      My blessed task from day to day
      Is humbly, gladly, to obey.

      THE only way to restore a weakened will is by exercising itself in details of duty, it may be in small.est acts of obedience, regularly done, "here a little, and there a little," content to grow by slow degrees into the use of lost powers through repeated acts of observance however trivial or unobserved. Faithful.ness to every smallest call of obedience, as it comes, is the means of gaining gradual accessions of strength, and thus tending more and more to higher degrees of conformity to the Will of God. Only by such simple practical dutifulness can habits be formed.      --T. T. CARTER

      Break off some one evil, seek to uproot some one sin, cut off some one self-indulgence, deny thyself some one vanity; do it as an offering to God, for the love of God, in hope once to see God; and some gleam of faith, and life, and love will stream down upon thy soul from the everlasting Fount of love. Follow on, and thou shalt never lose that track of light.      --EDWARD B. PUSEY

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