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Trials not Evils

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.
         --LUKE 12:21

      IT seems as if God gathered into His storehouse, from each of our lives, fruit in which He delights. And the daily cross-bearings and self-denials, the bright word spoken when head and heart are weary, the meek endurance of misunderstanding, the steady going on in one unbroken round, with a patient cheerfulness that knows nothing of "moods,"--all these are garnered there, and add to our riches towards Him.
         --H. BOWMAN

      IT is a great matter to learn to look upon troubles and trials not as simply evils. How can that be evil which God sends? And those who can repress complaints, murmurs, and peevish bemoaning--better still, the vexed feelings which beset us when those around inflict petty annoyances and slights on us--will really find that their little daily worries are turning into blessings.
         --H. L. Sidney LEAR

      Just to leave in His dear hand
      Little things;
      All we cannot understand,
      All that stings.
      Just to let Him take the care
      Sorely pressing,
      Finding all we let Him bear
      Changed to blessing.

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