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Receiving Suffering

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither be faint.hearted.
             --ISAIAH 7:4

      THOUGH everything without fall into confusion, and though thy body be in pain and suffering, and thy soul in desolation and distress, yet let thy spirit be unmoved by it all, placid and serene, delighted in and with its God inwardly, and with His good pleas.ure outwardly.

      To say each morning, "I must have things weariful, painful, to bear, and they shall all be offered up beforehand as my heart's sacrifice; they shall be, not fought against, but received calmly and as welcome, for His sake who suffers them to come," gives a dignity, a purpose, nay, a very joy to what otherwise is all cheerless annoyance.
         --H. L. SIDNEY LEAR

      As soon as anything presents itself to your mind as a suffering, and you feel a repugnance to it, resign yourself immediately to God with respect to it; give yourself up to Him in sacrifice, and you will find that, when the cross arrives, it will not be so very burden.some, because you had disposed yourself to a willing reception of it.
             --MADAME GUYON

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