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Trusting in God

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      The God of Israel is He that giveth strength and power unto His people. Blessed be God.
         --PSALMS 68:35

      I WILL meet distress and pain,
      I will greet e'en Death's dark reign,
      I will lay me in the grave
      With a heart still glad and brave;
      Whom the Strongest doth defend,
      Whom the Highest counts His friend,
      Cannot perish in the end.
         --PAUL GERHARDT

      COULD we but live more entirely in the unseen Presence, and trust to the unseen support,--and if lonely, or disappointed, or depressed, turn more quickly to God, fully confident of His all-embracing care, believing in His perfect love, the tender sym.pathy with which He ever regards us, how different life would be from what it ordinarily is! Yet we doubt not that Divine support is assured to us, if we seek to do what is pleasing in His sight. If the end we desire comes not, yet there is rest in the assurance that we have told Him all, and left it to Him to do what He wills.
         --T. T. CARTER

      How reasonable it is to trust ourselves to the of infinite love, and infinite wisdom, and infinite power!

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