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By Mary Wilder Tileston

      It is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.
         --1 CORINTHIANS 4:2

      TOO many people are not faithful in little things. They are not to be absolutely depended upon. They do not always keep their promises. They break en.gagements. They fail to pay their debts promptly. They come behind time to appointments. They are neglectful and careless in little things. In general they are good people, but their life is honeycombed with small failures. One who can be positively depended upon, who is faithful in the least things as well as in the greatest, whose life and character are true through and through, gives out a light in this world which honors Christ and blesses others.
         --J. R. MILLER

      Duties retire evermore from the observation of those who slight them.
         --SARAH W. STEPHEN

      Great thoughts go best with common duties. What.ever therefore may be your office regard it as a frag.ment in an immeasurable ministry of love.

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