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Look to the Source

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      When I cry unto Thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.
         --PSALMS 56:9

      SOUL! wouldst thou from the battle shrink,
      And flee before the foe?
      Dost thou beneath the burden sink,
      And in the dust lie low?
      Oh! waste not there vain tears and sighs:
      The trumpet soundeth clear;
      O'ercome, and to My glory rise!
      O'ercome, and triumph here!
         --THOMAS H. GILL

      BE not discouraged because of your soul's enemies. Are ye troubled with thoughts, fears, doubts, imagina.tions, reasonings? yea, do ye see, yet, much in you unsubdued to the power of life? Oh! do not fear it; do not look at it, so as to be discouraged by it; but look to Him! look up to the power which is over all their strength; wait for the descendings of the power upon you; abide in faith of the Lord's help, and wait in patience till the Lord arise; and see if His arm do not scatter what yours could not. So, be still before Him, and, in stillness, believe in His name; yea, enter not into the hurryings of the enemy, though they fill the soul; for, there is yet somewhat to which they cannot enter, from whence patience, faith, and hope, will spring up in you, even in the midst of all they can do.

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