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Members of the Kingdom

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Who hath delivered us from the power of dark-ness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son.
      COLOSSIANS 1:13

      IT is right that we should have an aim of our own, determined by our individuality and our surround-ings; but this may readily degenerate into exclusive narrowness, unless it has for a background the great thought that there is a Kingdom of God within us, around us, and above us, in which we, with all our powers and aims, are called to be conscious workers. Toward the forwarding of this silent, ever-advancing Kingdom, our little work, whatever it be, if good and true, may contribute something. And this thought lends to any calling, however lowly, a consecration which is wanting even to the loftiest self-chosen ideals. But even if our aim should be frustrated and our work come to naught, yet the failure of our most cherished plans may be more than compensated. In the thought that we are members of this Kingdom, already begun, here and now, yet reaching forward through all time, we shall have a reserve of consola-tion better than any which success without this could give.

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