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Strength to Walk

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Blessed are all they that wait for Him.
      ISAIAH 30:19

      I WILL trust again His love, His power,
      Though I cannot feel His hand to-day; To His help anew I will betake me,
      Though His countenance seems turned away!
      Though without one smile, one gracious token,
      Through the flames and floods my path must go,
      When the fires subside, the waves pass over,
      My Deliverer I again shall know.

      IN the night of distress, feel after somewhat which may quiet and stay thy heart till the next springing of the day. The sun will arise, which will scatter the clouds. And in the day of His power thou wilt find strength to walk with Him; yea, in the day of thy weakness His grace will be sufficient for thee.

      My times are in Thy hand, O Lord! And, surely, that is the best. Were I to choose, they should be in no other hands, neither mine own, nor any others. When He withholds mercies or comforts for a season, it is but till the due season. Therefore it is our wisdom and our peace to resign all things into His hands, to have no will nor desires, but only this, that we may still wait for Him. Never was any one who waited for Him miserable with disappointment.

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