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Happiness of God

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Art Thou not from everlasting, O Lord my God, mine Holy One? we shall not die.
      HABAKKUK 1:12

      My meditation of Him shall be sweet; I will be glad in the Lord.
      PSALMS 104:34

      THE more our ideas about God are multiplied, the more various our thoughts, and images, and recollections of things which have to do with Him, of course the more our minds and hearts are engrossed with Him, and so it becomes easier to live all day in His sensible presence. And is not the practice of the presence of God one half of holiness? And so, weary with work or foiled with disappointment, when the dark night is closing in, bringing with it to our sick spirits a sense of imprisonment, and when the dismal rain curtains us round, and we fret to be at liberty and at large, there is the very freedom of a sovereign to a soul traversing this boundless empire of God and Jesus, angels, saints, men, and the blameless creatures, and rejoicing in that never-ceasing sacrifice of praise which is rising up from every nook and corner of creation to the dear Majesty of our most loving God and Father!

      Delight in the happiness of God.

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