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Occupations of Every Day

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delighteth in his way.
      PSALMS 37:23

      SO her life was full of sunshine, for in toiling for the Lord
      She had found the hidden sweetness that in common things lies stored;
      He has strewn the earth with flowers, and each eye their brightness sees;
      But He filled their cups with honey for His humble working bees.

      THE occupations of every day seem often trifling, we may do them without thinking as ordinary things, yet they are the scenes of our appointed lot--appointed by God for you and me. The ordering, the application of these ordinary occupations, is the ap-pointing of the Divine purpose; it is for ourselves to carry them out. And secretly our character forms according as we handle them. Give thy heart to God Eternal, since thou art thyself eternal. join thy heart to what He has given thee to do. Join thy heart to His teaching, and thou becomest of a will like to His own will. Nothing comes by pure accident, not even the interruptions in our busy day. And such as follow on to know God's will see in all events what may lead to good, and so trust grows into a habit, as habit grows by perpetual use, till every circumstance may be seen to be but a fresh manifestation of the will of God working itself out in us.
      T. T. CARTER

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