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The Lord Shall Answer

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Then shall thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and He shall say, Here I am.
      ISAIAH 58:9

      EVER quickly Thou dost hear
      Thy children's feeble cry,
      And dost keep them everywhere
      Beneath Thy watchful eye;
      And 'midst the worlds that lean on Thee
      Thou hast faithful thoughts of me.

      "HE will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry." That has comforted me often, more than any promise of answer; it includes answers, and a great deal more besides; it tells us what He is towards us, and that is more than what He will do. And the "cry" is not long, connected, thoughtful prayers, a cry is just an unworded dart upwards of the heart, and at that "voice" He will be very gracious. What a smile there is in these words!
      F. R. HAVERGAL

      He that hath not tempted you hitherto above your strength will continue so to the end. If, for a time, He hide His face from you, yet He doth it but for a moment, to make you the more heartily to cry to Him; and surely He will hear you, not only when you are in crying, but also whilst you are in thinking how to cry. He is with you in trouble, and will indeed deliver you.

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