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What Can We Offer

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Hereby know we love, because He laid down His life for us.
      1 JOHN 3:16 (R. V.)

      LOVE which outlives
      All sin and wrong, Compassion which forgives
      To the uttermost, and Justice whose clear eyes
      Through lapse and failure look to the intent,
      And judge our frailty by the life we meant.

      IN return for the love which brought the Son of Man down from heaven, in return for the love which led Him to die for us on the cross, we cannot give Him holy lives, for we are not holy; we cannot give Him pure souls, for our souls are not pure; but this one thing we can give, and this is what He asks, hearts that shall never cease from this day forward, till we reach the grave, to strive to be more like Him; to come nearer to Him; to root out from within us the sin that keeps us from Him. To such a battle I call you in His name. And even if at the last day you shall not be able to show any other service, yet be sure that when thousands of His saints go forth to meet Him, and to show His triumph, He will turn to embrace with arms of tenderness the poor penitent who has nothing to offer but a life spent in one never-ceasing struggle with himself, an unwearied battle with the faults that had taken possession of his soul.

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