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Surrender in Faith

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.
      LUKE 1:38

      OH, let my thought, my actions, and my will
      Obedient solely to Thy impulse move,
      My heart and senses keep Thou blameless still,
      Fixed and absorbed in Thine unbounded love.
      Thy praying, teaching, striving, in my heart,
      Let me not quench, nor make Thee to depart.

      WE can see plainly how her ready self-surrender in faith, in trust, to her unknown, her mysterious destiny; how her instant expression of entire self-oblation to the Divine Will, to all that she was called to be and to do, to bear all that might in the future be required of her, is a constant witness of the mind that ought to animate and pervade the whole action of the soul. Life, if true, should be always the offering up of what we are, to do our best for Him who has called us. The responsibilities, the ventures, the conscious obligations which press on the soul, with all their conditions and unknown possibilities, supply the question that is to be solved; but the true response is the result of a habit formed through countless, nameless acts of conscientious obedience, which by use have become the bright and cheerful exercise of the one purpose of giving its best and purest to One most fully loved.
      T. T. CARTER

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