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Peace in Suffering

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Fear not, neither be discouraged.
      DEUTERONOMY 1:21

      HAPPY are they that learn, in Thee,
      Though patient suffering teach,
      The secret of enduring strength,
      And praise too deep for speech,--
      Peace that no pressure from without,
      No strife within, can reach

      ONE of the greatest trials and miseries of this life seems to me to be the absence of a grand spirit to keep the body under control; illnesses and grievous afflictions, though they are a trial, I think nothing of, if the soul is strong, for it praises God, and sees that everything comes from His hand.
      ST. TERESA

      MANY say they have no peace nor rest, but so many crosses and trials, afflictions and sorrows, that they know not how they shall ever get through them. Now he who in truth will perceive and take note, perceiveth clearly that true peace and rest lie not in outward things. There liveth no man on earth who may always have rest and peace without troubles and crosses. Wherefore yield thyself willingly to them, and seek only that true peace of the heart, which none can take away from thee, that thou mayest overcome all assaults.

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