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God's Commands are Not a Burden

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not grievous.

      1 JOHN 5:3

      His commandments grievous are not,
      Longer than men think them so;
      Though He send me forth, I care not,
      Whilst He gives me strength to go.


      FOR nothing is grievous or burdensome to him who loves. They are not grievous, because love makes them light; they are not grievous, because Christ gives strength to bear them. Wings are no weight to the bird, which they lift up in the air until it is lost in the sky above us, and we see it no more, and hear only its note of thanks. God's commands are no weight to the soul which, through His Spirit, He upbears to himself; nay, rather, the soul, through them, the more soars aloft and loses itself in the love of God. "The commandments of God are not grievous," because we have a power implanted in us mightier than all which would dispute the sway of God's commandments and God's love, a power which would lift us above all hindrances, carry us over all temptations, impel our listlessness, sweep with it whatever opposes it, sweep with it even the dulness or sluggishness of our own wills,--the almighty power of the grace of God.


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