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He Will Help You!

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Let not your hearts faint; fear not, and do not tremble.

      DEUTERONOMY 20:3

      THOU wilt be near me, Father, when I fail,
      For Thou hast called me now to be Thy son,
      And when the foe within me may assail,
      Help me to say in Christ, "Thy will be done;"
      This ever calms, this ever gives me rest;
      There is no fight in which I may not stand,
      When Christ doth dwell supreme within my breast,
      And Thou uphold'st me with Thy mighty hand.


      THOU must begin low, and be glad of a little light to travel with, and be faithful thereunto; and in faithfulness expect additions of light, and so much power as may help thee to rub on. And though thou may be long weak and little and ready to perish; yet the Father will help thee, and cause His life to shoot up in thee. Thankfully receive the smallest visitation that comes from Him to thy soul; for there is life and peace in it, and death and perplexity in turning from it.

      All the evil we do not commit, all the temptations to which we do not consent or which never visit us; all our holy thoughts and good intentions, all our longings after that which is right,--are so many witnesses of His loving kindness towards us. How could He help you thus unless He cared for you?


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