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Submission, Not Fretting

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      His heart fretteth against the Lord.
      PROVERBS 19:3

      I know, 0 Lord, that Thy judgments are right and that Thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me
      PSALMS 119:75

      AND my soul complaineth not,

      For no pain or fears dismay her;

      Still she clings to God in faith,

      Trusts Him though lie seem to slay her.

      'Tis when flesh and blood repine,

      Sun of joy, Thou canst not shine,

      IMPATIENCE and fretting under trial does not increase our suffering, whereas meek submission sanctifies all suffering, and fills the tortured heart with peace amid its anguish. Worship Him in every sorrow; worship Him in deed and word, but still more in humble and loving acceptance of each pang and heartache. Be sure that your mere silent willing endurance is a true act of adoration; and thus, come what may, weariness, pain, desolation, destitution, loneliness, all will carry on His gracious work in you, and, amid the sharpest pressure of suffering, you will be sending up to His eternal throne the precious incense of submission and trust.

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