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Doing God's Work...or God's Will?

By Mary Wilder Tileston

      Then said I, Lo, I came... to do Thy will, 0 God.
      HEBREWS 10:7

      Commit thy works unto the Lord.
      PROVERBS 16:3

      OH, let Thy wisdom be my guide,

      Nor take Thy light from me away;

      Thy grace be over at my side,

      That from Thy path I may not stray;

      But, feeling that Thy hand is o'er me,

      In steadfast faith my course fulfil,

      And keep Thy word, and do Thy will,

      They love within, Thy heaven before me!

      "I COME to do Thy will, 0 God."

      That is what we are here for,--to do God's will. That is the object of your life and mine,--to do God's will. Any of us can tell in a moment whether our lives are right or not. Are we doing God's will? We do not mean, Are we doing God's work?--preaching, or teaching, or collecting money,--but God's will. A man may think he is doing God's work when he is not even doing God's will. And a man may be doing God's work and God's will quite as much by hewing stones, or sweeping streets, as by preaching or praying. So the question means just this, Are we working out our common every-day life on the great lines of God's will?

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